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Click here to visit the web site of the newly launched Centre for Public Christianity, a research and media organisation dedicated to promoting a public understanding of the Christian faith.It contains an extensive library on a range of subjects and also a blog. Worth checking out.

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  1. I have just checked out this site and I think unbelievers with an open mind should check it out before making up their minds to be either an athiest or otherwise. Good, great and unbiase website.

  2. hello mark,
    i am writing to you to ask about your father’s recent book about grace and law. i was reading it and recently i have been really convicted.
    i am really concerned about my salvation because it seems that i am either lukewarm and justifying my complacency with God’s grace or obeying God out of fear, and have never truly experienced the conviction of guilt before the law required for true salvation. i really need someone to talk about me with this; if you could put me in touch with someone i can talk to about this. my email is moonlantern {at} gmail . com. thank you so much.

  3. This is a really interesting website, the discussion on Jesus and his feelings about wealth were excellent, that we are called to be ‘generous’..struck a chord.. It was really well developed and the cultural background given was great
    The discussion on Jesus views on hell was a bit confusing, I didn’t realise this but according to the guy’s on the site, most of Jesus references to Hell were to a physical place called ‘gehenna’ in Jerusalem, the rubbish tip, a place where earlier infanticides had taken place… they went on to say that much of the Churches current images of hell were constructs by people like ‘Dante’. It left me a bit bewildered as many of what I thought were ‘orthodox’ ideas on hell were challenged by the discussion . Can anyone clarify this?
    I would love to think hell doesn’t really exist which is the impression I got from the discussion…, maybe I misunderstood..
    interested on anyones thoughts…. comments

  4. Hi Sage. As with any resource, this web site needs to be read with discernment. Everything we read and hear needs to be checked out with the teaching of the Bible, which I beleive is the inspired Word of God.
    Personally, I believe that hell is a real place. It was created for the devil and his angels. God desires no person to go there. That’s why he sent Jesus to do for the sins of the world. People will only go there if they reject God’s love through Jesus.
    Hope that helps.

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