Pvoerty bibleThe Bible Society has recently released a 'Poverty and Justice Bible' which highlights what God's Word has to say about these two important current issues. Almost every page of the Bible speaks of God's heart for the poor, his concern for the marginalised, his compassion for the oppressed, and his call for justice. There are over 2000 verses that address these important topics, yet so often they are over-looked or neglected.

This new Bible, in the Contemporary English Version (CEV), includes a unique 32-page study guide, written by best-selling authors Nick and Claire Page. Each of 50 in-depth studies is based on Scripture and challenges us to take practical and passionate action in the battle against poverty and injustice.

You can view additional studies online.

A number of Australian politicians were part of the launch of this unique edition of the Bible (click here for more details).

Visit your local bookstore to get your copy today or order it online.

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