Spain Well, it's over! Spain has defeated the Netherlands to win the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament. I must admit, I only got up early once – to watch the Socceroos play Germany. That game wasn't worth my loss of sleep and the resultant German national anthem renditions in my house by my German-born wife became annoying after a while. Thankfully, that stopped a few days ago.

Anyway, congratulations to Spain – you deserved it and hopefully this win will lift the morale of that country … and the economy. By the way, Paul the octopus is either a prophet in disguise or has a divining spirit!

Now back to the superior sports – Aussie Rules and basketball 🙂

5 thoughts on “Spain wins the World Cup

  1. What is “aussie rules” – sounds like a serious disease. So sad the soccer is over – anyone for salt & Pepper calamari?

  2. The German anthem was adapted from a work by Hadyn . I remember the tune as a great hymn
    Glorious things of thee are spoken
    Zion City of our God
    He whose word cannot be broken
    Formed thee for his own abode
    On the Rock of Ages founded
    What can shake Thy sure repose
    With salvation’s walls surrounded
    Thou mayest smile at all Thy foes
    I still think while soccer is the best followed game worldwide, aussie rules ( is basically a no-rules sport)
    I think in heaven they play the ‘gentleman’s game- rugby union

  3. Any passing comments for the lame whinging Dutch team? Jackie Chan kicks and endless complaints to the ref are no substitute for skill and good athleticism. If I was Dutch I’d be hanging my head in shame. Even their own legend Johan Cruyff said that they didn’t deserve to win they way they were playing. The fact that they made it to the final is offensive to the game!
    Viva España!
    Who are the Cats again? Ah, those blokes in sleeveless tops and short shorts, chasing a leather rock melon in an oval???

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