Images-31 For anyone who writes or speaks, the task of preparation is part science and part art … with lots of prayer and perspiration mixed in. Some people think more intuitively. I know one speaker who prepares all of their messages in their head – never writing anything down. Others write out their ideas, sometimes word for word – on paper or by typing into a word processor.

I have always used a note pad to scribble down ideas for messages, often creating a bit of a pathway or 'story board' to outline my flow of thoughts and the direction of a message. Then I will type in all the details of my thoughts and research into a WORD document – often cutting and pasting back and forth. This can be quite a challenge, especially with a long document where you can't see everything in front of you at once. 

Enter … some new software … Scrivener.

Scrivener was designed by a writer … for writers. Take the time to watch the 9 minute demo here.

This is a terrific piece of software … and it works on a MAC or within Windows (beta version currently available). You can have everything in one place, including your research and other bits of information you may not need for your final message, whether spoken or in writing. I have just started using this program and I love it already. I can't wait to watch all of the video tutorials and use this software to its fullest potential. 

For a more in-depth review click here and here.

Scrivener … I highly recommend it!

P.S. A 'scrivener' is a scribe who can read and write. 

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  1. Scrivener is really a good software for writing purpose.It is used for writing novel,articles etc.It is a mac software.Thanks for the post.

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