At another crossroads
So many options
Destination competition
Loud voices
Multiplicity of signs

Stay on the same course
Or make a turn?
Popular highway
Or the road less travelled?

Moving fast
Trying to read the map
Traffic congestion
Important decisions

Take a pit stop
Pull out of the race
Just for a moment
Catch your bearings

Where have you been?
Where have you come from?
Where are you now?
Pin point your location

Big picture
Zoom out on the map
Where are you headed?
Check the compass

What is true north?
Where do you really want to be?
Don't follow the crowd
Wide and easy road

Dare to be different
Be true to yourself
Hear the voice
Heed His call


Take the ancient path
Footprints in the sand
Follow His lead
Trust His heart

One step at a time
Don't rush ahead
Enjoy this moment
Be fully present

He IS the way