GearsGod calls his leaders to create movement by guiding His people forward towards God's purposes for their lives (see Deut.1:6-7; 2:3). To do this, leaders need to talk about where we have come from (the past – history and heritage), where we are now (the present – what God is saying today), and where we are gong (the future). 

Back in 1995, when I became a senior minister of a local church in Melbourne, Australia, I sensed God speaking to me about making a number of "prophetic (or strategic) shifts" in our church. A "prophetic shift" is "a change of thinking, inspired by the Holy Spirit, resulting in a change of behaviour that produces a greater effectiveness in fulfilling the purposes of God for this moment in history." This last weekend I review these seven shifts, highlighting their continued relevance in the life of our church. [To read a full summary of the 7 shifts, click here. Further and more in-depth details are in my book Transforming Your Church

Like changing to a higher gear in a manual vehicle, these shifts help to create spiritual momentum in any church community. May each one of us keep in step with the Spirit at this time … as Jesus continues to build His church and the gospel of the kingdom spreads to the ends of the earth. 

4 thoughts on “7 Prophetic Shifts

  1. Hi Mark, I was a disillusioned Christian for many years, never losing faith in God but the church. I did a paper on Roman Emporer Constantine, he gave christianity life but he also gave too much power to the Thou shall not kill… But now it was ok to kill as long as you prayed for your enemies afterwards…I attended your sermon on listening.. Fantastic.. I walked into your church disillusioned.. I walked out with God and Jesus in my heart, in my life, in my world and a church with a door that I will proudly walk through again. With a tear in my eye, I say thank you. Frank.

  2. Luke 6:47-48 come to Jesus, hear what Jesus is saying and do it you will build your life on the rock the word of God and everything you do will be held up by the word of God then you will be wise. Mark we love you keep up the good work making disciples of all nations…kind regards Les & Lyn

  3. Thanks Les and Lyn … Frank, I am SO encouraged by your story and glad we were able to be a positive part of your journey.

  4. Thanks Mark for a great message on Sunday at Casey.(7 shifts)
    Sharon’s song was lovely and I couldn’t help thinking how nice would it sound in Spanish?
    maybe someone could do a translation in this beautiful language.

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