So far you've given a bit of time to reflect on your successes and your failures, joys and disappointments, victories, and defeats.

Let's move on to the third question now …

3. "What Did I Learn?"

Look back over your answers to the first two questions. Look at your accomplishments. What can you learn from them? What possible lessons do you see? What were some of the keys to your success? What worked for you? Why were you able to accomplish these things?

Now look over your answers to the second question – your disappointments. Any lessons there for you? What could have worked but didn't? Why? Is there anything you need to do differently this year based on your reflections? What advice do you have for yourself?

By taking time to examine your own life and your own journey you can gain wisdom for the future. After all, life is like your classroom. Be a good learner. Don't repeat the same lessons over and over unnecessarily. Live and learn. Turn your lessons into some personal guidelines for your future.

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