MbaJesus once said that the children of this world are sometimes wiser than the children of light. That wasn't a compliment! We can learn a lot from those who achieve and accomplish things in fields such as business, arts, sport or leadership. There is wisdom to be gained from the experience of others.

In the business world, the most desired education is an MBA – a Masters in Business Administration. People will often pay a lot of money to earn such a degree, and especially from some of the most reputable universities around the world. 

Josh Kaufman begs to differ. He strongly believes that self-education can be just as effective and acquired for a fraction of the cost. Check out his web site at and have a read of his manifesto. You might then want to read his highly educational book by the same title – Personal MBA. Then have a look at the excellent reading list he has compiled on a wide variety of business and life-related topics. 

Worth checking out!