KanAll of us have tasks we want to get done or projects we are working on. Keeping a record of them all in one place is really important. The most popular method is a task or project list, which can be looked at regularly then items are ticked off when completed. But what if you are more of a visual person?

The Kanban (meaning 'signboard' or 'billboard') project management method was invented by Japanese engineers to create a logical workflow system. Over time the concept has been adapted for use by organisations, workteams or individuals. The method involves (1) visualising your workflow by using a board to diagram all your tasks/projects, (2) limiting your work-in-progress to a minimum, and (3) viewing your accomplishments.

All you need is a pen, a whiteboard and some sticky notes to start mapping your workflow and boosting your productivity. Use three columns:

  1. READY (work waiting to be tackled)
  2. DOING (for work-in-progress)
  3. DONE (for completed tasks).

Understanding your work is often the key to controlling it. Kanban helps you to keep everything in sight.

I now use an App based on the Kanban method of time management called Kanbana (iPad video demo), which is highly visible, lists projects that are in backlog, focuses on what I am doing now, and allows me to move completed items to an area where I can see what I have done so far in the day. I really like it. You might too …

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