Golf_2Did you hear about the two guys who went golfing … the one guy hit the ball right down the middle of the fairway about 150 metres. He was so excited … he had never been down the middle of the fairway in his life. He was so excited … he got down to where his ball was and … not only was it 150 metres down the fairway, it had rolled up on top of an ant hill. So it was teed up about 2 inches for him. So he grabs his wood, he is so excited. He’s never been here before. He’s never had this opportunity before. He takes that club (a 3 wood) and swings as hard as he can and he misses the ball. He kills 5000 ants in this ant hill.

He can’t believe it – he killed 5000 ants, but the ball stayed on top of the ant hill. God must be in this – He wants me to hit a great shot. So he grabs his club and swings again, misses again and kills 4998 ants. Now there had been 10,000 ants in this ant hill and there were only 2 ants left.

And one ant looked at the other ant and said, "I tell you what, if we’re going to survive, we had better get on the ball!!"

[Source: John Maxwell]

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