Images-21 It has been 18 months since America elected Barack Obama to be it's president. His presidency began with a lot of excitement and anticipation, partly created by his inspiring messages about "Yes we can!" It has not been an easy run for him, with many complex challenges and problems … 

Gallup reported last week that the president’s average seventh quarter approval rating among Americans stands at 44.7 percent – its lowest point since Obama took office but still significantly higher than among Protestant pastors. A new survey by LifeWay Research indicates that 61 percent of Protestant pastors disapprove (47 percent strongly) of President Barack Obama’s job performance. The survey, conducted by phone Oct. 7-14, found that 30 percent of Protestant pastors approve of the president (14 percent strongly) and 9 percent are undecided. 

“If voting intentions and job approval measure similar things, the president hasn’t made many friends in the pulpits of America’s churches throughout the first year-and-a-half of his presidency,” Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, said.

Although Protestant pastors have strong personal opinions on political matters, 84% disagree with endorsing candidates for public office from the pulpit. 

Let's continue to pray for President Obama … 

Latest News: The US mid term elections have just finished and the Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats (Obama's party) and just fell short of winning control of the Senate. 

2 thoughts on “Approval Ratings of President Obama

  1. Refusing to participate in or acknowledge things like the National Day of Prayer, while showing preference to non-Christian groups at every opportunity, hasn’t won any points for President Obama with Christians in the U.S. We still pray for him, but we would never vote for him.

  2. Obama’s downfall has proabably been to implement the national health care scheme (‘Obama Care’) which costs $$$ and requires a higher community contribution (red taxes).
    A great ideal and goal … just the timing is not right when the Country is in (economic) survival mode. American’s have had a standard of living which they have become accustomed too (eg Big Cars) and they are not happy that is being eroded (caused by a lack of intenal discipline coupled with a shift in economic power to developing countries).
    Now that he has got the objective right – but the timing wrong, it will make it so much harder to progress the concept in the future.
    ‘Yes – we can’ is the Golden catch-cry that aroused great expectations – possibly over-promising and under delivering. “Yes we can” still holds true – the potential is always there. Maybe he needs to take it to another level “Yes we will”. There is still hope. I hope he succeeds in doinh what is both good and right. I kind of like him.

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