W2Workaholism is probably the only addiction that is rewarded, affirmed & admired. It can be so easily masked as 'diligence'. Yet, without doubt, overwork leads to spiritual dryness and often to eventual relational breakdown. Being a workaholic is not just about working hard, which is a good thing. It's about working with a powerful underlying drive for approval and/or success.

Are you a workaholic?

 1. Are you always in a hurry?

2. Does your ‘to do’ list always have more on it than you could possibly accomplish in a single day?

3. Does doing nothing drive you up the wall?

4. Do you find it difficult to say 'No' to opportunities?

5. Do you feel guilty when you relax?

6. Do you frequently find it difficult to turn your mind off at night when you go to bed?

7. Do people around you tell you, you ought to slow down?

8. Do you procrastinate about taking holidays?

9. Do you have to get sick to slow down?

10. Do you ever take work business related reading material into the toilet? If you do, you are a confirmed and certified workaholic!

IF you answered NO to all of these questions, don't worry – you're okay! However, IF you answered YES to any of these questions, then you definitely need to evaluate the place that work has in your life.

Not convinced? Here is another list for your honest reflection. 

Signs of a Workaholic

1. Usually takes on more responsibility than he or she can comfortably handle.

2. Schedule is chronically overloaded.

3. Unable to relax.

4. Never satisfied with his/her attempts; always feeling they should have done better.

5. Always frustrated and burdened by the guilt of being imperfect.

6. Often haunted by low self esteem – though appears strong, decisive and positive.

7. Deep inside, may be highly insecure and yearning to be respected and valued.

8. Wants to be recognised as an important, successful individual.

9. Thrives on awards of excellence.

10. This person is driven.

11. May appear to others to be the epitome of stability, dedication and commitment.  However, his or her efforts are directed by a need to cover feelings of inferiority.

12. Those closest recognise the signs but usually the workaholic will not see it.

If you felt an 'ouch' when reading this (like I did!), then it's time to talk about it – with a close friend, a family member or a counsellor. Unattended, workaholism can do great damage to your life and those closest to you. In Old Testament times, they killed people who didn't keep the Sabbath. Today, we kill ourselves.

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