MobileWe live in an age where attention deficit affects all of us. We are bombarded with information and messages, each trying to gain our interest. In the process, we tend to skim from item to item, from matter to matter, from person to person … never really slowing down enough to go deep … to really listen and connect. 

I visited a cafe recently where there was a sign that said: "No, we do not have wi-fi. Why not just sit and talk with your friends!"

Watch this video.

How did it affect you? I was personally challenged. 

Which scene did you identify with the most?

Which was the most moving? For me it was the one with the girl getting a strike at the bowling alley, only to turn around and see that no one had noticed and therefore were not there to celebrate this special moment with her.

To love is to pay attention … and it does cost us … our time and our effort. But our loved ones are worth it.

Is it time to put the phone down?