Australians Together is taking a fresh approach to building relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Their web site has some inspiring stories and helpful articles. Check it out.

This coming weekend at CityLife Church, I will be sharing some of our experiences on an indigenous awareness trip we did with some Australian pastors last year, sponsored by Concilia.

We will also be running the entire course on Saturday, 18th October. The course promotes the value of listening to Indigenous people and learning about our shared story so that we can live in respectful peer relationship with each other. In these sessions we will be watching ‘Sharing Our Story’, a 4 episode DVD series that explores how the events of our past continue to affect Indigenous people today. We're inviting you to join us on this journey to discover how we, as God’s people in Australia, can be part of writing a new chapter in this story; Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians together. Visit our church web site for more details and to register.

Let's continue to work together to bring justice and hope for all people across our great nation. 

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