Thank you to all of those who attended or watched the thanksgiving service for my dad, Kevin Conner, today at CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia. We also appreciate the many messages that people have sent in, offering support and prayers, as well as commemorating my dad’s life.

On my dad’s web site, you will find more information, including:

A link where you can watch a video of the funeral service.

Eulogy of his life – 92 years, well-lived.

A Poem I wrote about him, called Nearing the End.

A dedicated web page where you can leave a personal tribute to his life.

Information about what’s next in my dad’s ongoing ministry impact.

Dad was a remarkable man, rising above adversity and rejection to make a significant mark on his Pentecostal religious world at this time in history. He grew up as an orphan, without a mum or a dad, yet he did his best to be the dad he never had to my sister, Sharon, and I. Our loss is heaven’s gain. No doubt, he is hearing from Jesus, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Dad, thanks for everything. I love you very much!

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