As we prepare to enter another new year, how are you feeling? One of the words that I hear a lot nowadays is ‘uncertainty’. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future. After all, who knows what next week will look like, let alone next year!

We are living in turbulent times. There is a lot of uncertainty around and that can bring all sorts of fears and worries into our life if we aren’t careful.

One of the things you’ll discover in life is that you can’t always be certain but you can endeavour o be clear. Uncertainty is a permanent part of our lives. It never goes away. We all have to make decisions with limited information. So one of life’s insights that I have found helpful is to stop trying to eliminate the uncertainty. Instead, it can be far more helpful to develop the art of clarity.

  • In business, can you be certain of the economic environment over the next year? Of course not, but you can be clear about the service or product you have to offer and who your market is.
  • On a sports team, can you be certain of the outcome of the game? Of course not, but you can be clear about what you are trying to achieve.
  • In a church, can you be certain what next year will look like? Of course not, but we can be clear about the kind of church you want to be.
  • In life, can you be certain about your future? Of course not, but you can be clear – about who you are, what is important to you, and what you are going to give your life to pursue.
  • With this coronavirus pandemic, can we be certain that it’s all over and we won’t be locked down again? Of course not. But we can be clear about what is within our control – what we can and can’t do, as well as how we can all work together to minimise further infections.

Don’t fight or try to eliminate the uncertainty. Focus on gaining and keeping clarity. That can make all the difference in the world. 

Why not take some time aside today to pause and find further clarity for your own life.

This has been Episode 29 of Soul Food with Mark Conner. 

You can watch a video of this episode on the Soul Food with Mark Conner YouTube channel.

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2 thoughts on “Soul Food Episode 29 – Clarity

  1. When I know whose I am, I know that I need not be uncertain for HE tells me that HE will never leave me nor forsake me. HE will guide me and lead me, bless me and watch over me. That gives me peace in uncertain times..

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