ColoThe Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s most visited landmark, with an estimated 20,000 visitors each day of the year. It is a World Heritage Site and is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. 

What is most fascinating about this church building is the fact that it took 100s of years to build. The first part was constructed between 1248 and 1473. But then work was halted before eventually being resumed in the early 19th century finally to be completed in 1880, over 600 years later!

This is an amazing example of generations of people being commited to a vision much bigger than themselves – something that would outlive them. That's what the church is all about – not a physical building but a community of people following Jesus Christ and living out his mission in the world. Jesus started building his church over 2,000 years ago and generations of faithful men and women have been carrying the work forward as his humble servants, getting their hands dirty on the building site of human need.

Think about all of those that have gone before us … we stand on their shoulders and they deserve our applause and honour.

Think of those who will come after us … may the footsteps that we leave cause them to believe.

Think about today … right here, right now. That's all we have. This moment. Live it to the full and may every breath be an offering of praise to the God of all creation, of all human history, and of the amazing redemption story that continues to unfold. To Him be all praise, glory and honour.