Listen Jesus was a person who had so much to say, yet he was a great listener. He was always asking questions. In doing so, he drew people out and got to know them and helped them get to know themselves.

Relationships are built on communication and communication is built on good listening skills. Listening is one of the greatest ways to communicate love and value to another person. It helps you understand people and it earns you the right to be heard.

James tells us to be quick to listen and slow to speak, which is the opposite of our human nature (James 1:19-20).

Unfortunately, we all develop poor listening habits such as inattentiveness (through being preoccupied, lack of concentration, or distractions), interrupting (finishing people's sentences for them, just waiting your turn to speak, jumping to conclusions), and advice giving.

Good listening habits include: being attentive (making eye contact, concentration, giving verbal cues), seeking to understand, and asking questions.

Love pays attention. Love means being fully present with a person, concentrating not just on their words, but the meaning and feelings behind the words.

Pay attention … it is the most valuable currency we have.

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2 thoughts on “Connecting Skills – 2. The Art of Listening

  1. Thank you Mark for yet another excellent message. How very true. Yes, love pays attention. We can learn alot by being attentive. That’s why God gave us two ears and one mouth… so that we can listen more and speak less 🙂 MMmmm?

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