There are a fair few emails flying around at the moment about something called the Copenhagen Treaty. With issues such as this it is always hard to tell whether it's being fueled by the conspiracy theorists (who thrive on stuff like this) or whether there are genuine things we need to be concerned about.

Here's a recent blog article in The Australian. Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, has recently spoken out about it. You can watch his address here or listen to an interview conducted by Alan Jones on Sydney radio station 2GB. Herald Sun journalist Andrew Bolt has recently written about this too, as has Bill Muehlenberg

I'd be interested if anyone knows any more about this …

16 thoughts on “Copenhagen Treaty?

  1. This “Copenhagen Treaty”, if there really is one, smacks of “One World Order” for world dominance and control by one body. Compare the news with Bible prophesy. Our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and other world leaders would be very foolish to sign such a treaty! Times like these we need to pray fervently for God’s wisdom and Holy Spirit guidance for our leaders and ourselves to the seek the Lord in our decision making. Lord Mockton is mocking our intelligence and mixing truth with lies!!! Watch his body language on his YouTube video presentation. Christian stay awake and open your Bible for the REAL truth!

  2. Best person to talk to about this issue is Senator Steve Fielding. He will have the relevant info on this topic.

  3. Hi Lil.
    Even God takes environmentalism seriously… so why should we not. Our Creator is so serious about the earth’s condition (environment) that He says, in His Word, He will destroy those who destroy the earth! Check our Revelation 11:18
    Enjoy your day 🙂

  4. Agreed, Marija. We’re commanded to be good stewards of God’s creation per Genesis 1:28 but sometimes the excessive politicking by some seems to add a lot of hot air to global warming : ) Less talk and more action would be good.

  5. I had a serious question (which was deleted )as to why Steve Feilding would know more than others. I have read you links and Rudd and Turnbull dont seem to know the questions let alone the answers so quite seriously why Steve?

  6. Thank you Mark for raising this issue, please everyone read Bill Muehlenberg’s article and follow the links, he has a pretty solid grasp of the issues!

  7. Someone sent me an email on this article and I wrote this email back to them…
    …but do not worry if this does go ahead and most of the nation’s leaders sign the Copenhagen Treaty. These are the signs of the end of times and His second coming. Just like Jesus said in Matt 24:32-33, Mark 13:28-29 and Luke 21:29-31 (Read them in context)
    This verse gives me the most encouragement when I see these things happening:
    Luke 21:25-28
    “And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides. People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken. Then everyone will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with power and great glory. So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near!”
    “Stand and Look Up” – That certainly not a spirit of fear 🙂
    Praise God!!

  8. Hi Mark
    My concern about the Copenhagen Treaty and Emissions Trading Scheme is that if Mr Rudd signs these then he will be signing over powers over this great country of ours to what is essentially an unelected one world government. This is not just about the environment. Once the power has been signed over to this unelected one world goverment we will never get it back!
    As christians we know that a one world government is one of the many signs of end times. We should be standing strong on fighting these issues to delay end times as long as possible, as there is still so many unsaved people who still need more time to come to salvation in Christ.
    We will all be held accountable one day in front of God himself, we need to do everything we can to stop ungodly rule over us so that on Judgement Day God will be able to tell us how proud he is of us for the stand we took.
    I pray that God gives all christians, and all Christian Leaders the boldness to stand strong in speaking the truth in these last days of end times. May God give us all a discerning spirit to give us the wisdom to know the difference between truth and deception.
    Yours sincerely

  9. I may be naive but aren’t these end-times signs already prophesied in the Bible that they should happened before Jesus comes again, so why then as Christ-followers are we trying to postponed them? It is like we are reluctant to see Christ.
    We should be joyful that they are coming to pass and Jesus will return soon, shouldn’t we?
    Sure there still people who haven’t heard the Gospels yet and we won’t be able to wait till everybody hears it, because it just won’t happen.(there’e always another generation).

  10. Hi Mark,
    I took the time to hear the speeches made by the South American delegates to the UN from 10/08/2009, it was uncanny to hear in plain language the call from Lula, the president from Brazil, to form, and I quote, “A NEW WORLD ORDER”.
    This NWO, apparently needs to be formed to deal with issues which affect the globe. “New problems call for a new approach” Global Financial stability, Global warming. And I think Lula may have mentioned Obama as a possible leader to head this New Organisation.
    You can find the links in youtube, the speeches are in Spanish and Portuguese.

  11. I listened to the radio interview right through, and I am a not really concerned about the emphasis that Alan Jones and the British Lord are making.
    Alan Jones is an extreme right winger who has all his life ridiculed and exaggerated everything he talks about. He absolutely hates Labor and Rudd and he even hates the moderate Turnbull. He soooo misses Mr Howard (and Mrs Thatcher in the UK).
    And Lord Monckton is an extreme right winger in the UK in the same way. Wikapeadia says of him: “He has expressed doubt about the reality of global warming in a number of newspaper articles and papers. He has been described in some quarters as a “former science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a world-renowned scholar.”[9] However, his credentials as a commentator on climate change have been questioned by some commentators. James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore note in their book Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming that Monckton has “no training whatsoever in science”, and criticize his asserted credentials as “unfounded self-promotion.”[10] The Daily Telegraph has described him as “a former economic adviser”.[4]”. I would add that his ranting and ravings about “communism taking over the world” via Copenhagen reflect his extreme right wing position. Some in Britain see him as neo-Nazi (the extreme opposite of Communist is Fascist – like the Nazis – of course).
    Signing international agreements is not new. And NOT fulfilling the things you sign is common (consider how we are not fulfilling our signed agreement to accept asylum seekers into Australia!). I wanted to ask the two gentlemen: if a country decides that they don’t really want to fulfil the things they signed, and they just stop doing what the climate change UN body tells them to do (the “one world government” – the “communist dictatorship” – the “Soviet system” – to quote the tape) – then what will the rest of the world do? All unite to invade and conquer the non-compliant nation? When would you see such agreement between different nations? Hey: it can happen – and even without international treaties. Look what we and a number of nations did to Iraq without any signed agreement. But the two gentlemen seem to be putting way too much belief in the power of a signed international agreement! Such agreements don’t mean that all of a sudden all the nations of the world are in agreement and will all work towards disciplining wayward signatories.
    You know, Australia has signed away powers already. We did a trade deal with the US a few years back. For more “free trade”. It agreed to allow all sorts of international multinationals into the nation and our utilities all got bought up by foreign multinationals, and now we pay our gas and electricity and water bills to all sorts of international companies. Did Mr Jones complain about that? Did he get all worried about national sovereignty being sacrificed? No. It was good “free market capitalism” so he was silent about it. Can we pull out of it if we really wanted to? Yes. We could nationalise the utilities through an act of Parliament, and kick the foreign companies out, (but no one would do that at the current time of course, because they are all agreeing that it is okay!) Would such a radical action cause the other signatories on the free trade agreements to declare war on us? Or to stop trading with us? No. That would hurt them just as much as it would hurt us!
    Regarding climate change: if CO2 emissions are only one sixth to blame, and other things are also to blame… then shouldn’t we fight all the things that are to blame? To say the CO2 is only a part of the cause, does not get us off the hook of doing something to fight the problem. If the climate is changing and extremes of weather are worsening, shouldn’t we do something about it if we can?
    I am a bit pessimistic about it all for different reasons. My own feeling is that the Copenhagen talks will collapse without world agreement, and the world will continue to warm at rates that cause great weather changes and extremes, and great pain will be felt especially by the poorest people of the earth as they struggle in the effects without resources to cope. I guess Mr Jones and Mr Muckton will be happy if it does all collapse. The sad thing is that those men will not be alive when the very worst effects of global warming kick in. (So they wont have to be around to share in the responsibility of a world too self-indulgent to do anything like serious sacrifice and work, to address the problems.) The people under 20 will be the real recipients of the very worst of things to come.
    People who really think that a one world government will come out of Copenhagen will have egg on their faces once the meetings are over. (And if I am wrong, I will have to eat humble pie of course). I wonder if those who have been so loud shouting that the sky is about to fall, will have the strength of character to admit they were wrong if things carry on much the same after the meetings in December!

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