As you think about your life right now, what do you really need? Is it more information? Probably not. If we are honest, most of us know that we are educated beyond the level of our obedience. For example, we know we should pray, forgive, exercise, serve, give, etc … but it's in the application of knowledge where the real life change occurs. There is usually an incongruence between what we say we value and how we really live. 

When I was going out with Nicole I began thinking that I 'could' ask her to marry me and then I 'should' ask her to marry me but only when I got to the I 'will' ask her to marry me did our relationship move into a new season. All because of a decision – a commitment.

Decisions determine our destiny not our conditions.

Most problems are a decision waiting to happen.

Rarely is one decision the only possible choice at any given time but waiting for the perfect option often paralyses us into indecision. Life is about making decisions and then making those decisions work. We can't eliminate uncertainty or guarantee the future but can prayerfully make decisions based on the best information available to us at the time.

Think about where are you heading. What's your next step? What do you need to DO today that you already know about but simply need to turn a good intention into an action? As Nike says, "Just do it!"

Knowledge doesn't change the world. Action does.