Gailiee SeaIt was fun to visit the Sea of Galilee recently and see the place where Jesus conducted so much of his ministry while on earth. It is a such beautiful place. The sea covers a surface area of 166 square kilometers (21 km north to south and x 11 km east to west) and is 200 meters below sea level. It is usually quite calm, although an afternoon wind blows down on to the sea each day causing the water to become quite choppy. 

The Gospel writers tell us that during a storm, Jesus came to the disciples walking on the water (see Matthew 14:22-36). A few years back, a scientist came up with a natural explanation for this, claiming that Jesus actually walked on a a floating piece of ice, during an unusual cold spell (read report here and here). Of course, this doesn't explain how Peter walked on water or how the boat continued to float. Most theories raise more questions than they can answer.

I think it takes more faith to believe some of these theories than it does to believe that Jesus did walk on water – because He is the Son of God!  

The miracles of Jesus should stir our faith to believe in him – but not to act in presumption like the preacher who drowned trying to walk on water himself (read the tragic story here).

One thought on “Did Jesus really walk on water?

  1. Thanks Mark,
    Firstly it’s wonderful knowing you and your family enjoyed a trip to the land of Israel. And more-so are now able to recall vivid images, sounds & smells (pleasant I hope) to enliven your senses when reading the Bible.
    Perhaps presumptuous Pastor Franck Kabele should have practised walking on his bath water before trying on open water. A tragic story none-the-less and I’m always saddened to read of others who place emphasis on performing a miracle of Jesus when in-fact as Christians we need to place emphasis on an immensely strong emotion behind Jesus’ miracles and that is… love.
    So I don’t get ambushed by fellow bloggers, I have to add I am without doubt miracles do happen ‘today’ and I personally continue to pray for miracles such as healings. But I have to add, by not placing emphasis on performing a miracle we are offered another perspective and that is; learning the miracles of Jesus presents to us a glimpse of God’s Kingdom to come.

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