Do you really need MORE money?
Sometimes more money can be of help – especially to meet our needs and to do good in the world. There is nothing wrong with money. Contrary to the opinion of some, money is NOT "the root of all evil". The apostle Paul declared that "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6:10) … and you don’t have to have money to love it. The issue is not whether we have money or not but whether money has control of you.
It is easy to buy into the belief that the answer to personal financial problems or pressure is to earn more money. Occasionally, that may be true but more often than not our problem is with our spending not our earning. Most people will earn well over a million dollars in their lifetime. But where does it go?
"The #1 money problem today is spending more than you earn, resulting in destructive debt."
A budget can help but the disciplines of regular saving and consistent spending within our means are vital.
"The #1 key to financial freedom is to spend less than you earn, then save and invest the difference over a long period of time."
Interestingly, after a certain level of income, more money doesn’t guarantee more happiness. In fact, it can simply add more stress and pressure to your life. That's why there is such an array of current trends  today emphasising activities such as downsizing, de-cluttering and minimalism.
"In the end, there is much more to life than money. In fact, the most important things in life you can't buy with money. This includes personal integrity, inner peace and quality relationships."
You may need more money … but you may not. Don't just naively jump on the conveyor belt to acquiring more and more wealth without thinking of the cost involved and the possible repercussions. Could contentment with what you already have be today's choice?
If you are interested in learning some practical principles for becoming financially free, check out my new book Money Talks.
Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary was kind enough to recently endorse the book:
“Countless books on how to use money compete for readers. It is easy to find complicated ones. It is common to find those that just promote getting rich, even by so-called Christians. There are plenty of theoretical studies that are hard to apply and how-to-manuals not based in good theory. But where does one find a short, practical, biblically grounded, clearly written little book that addresses all the important questions about using money in Christian ways with up-to-date charts, graphs and statistics to back everything up? Mark Conner has now written it. Get a copy. Devour it. Then live it out.”