Mark Well, I did it. I finished my Doctor of Ministry degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Yesterday, I attended the graduation ceremony which was held at the Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, where over 400 people graduated with various degrees (80 from the Doctor of Ministry program), cheered on by friends and family members. It was a really enjoyable occasion. It's great to stop and celebrate the milestones in our lives. For me there was a sense of joy, fulfillment, closure, and a bit of relief for finally being finished.

I'd really like to thank my wife Nicole for supporting me during my years of study, my kids for putting up with dad frequently having his nose in the books and head in the clouds, City Life Church for sponsoring my study and encouraging me in my personal and ministry development, my lecturers for teaching me so much, and God for saving and calling me to serve his purpose on planet earth.

My goal has always been the education rather than the title, so please still call me 'Mark' not 'Doctor Mark.'

What next? I don't plan on doing any further formal study such as a PhD, which is a highly academic degree. However, I'll continue to be committed to continual learning and I'll consider doing some teaching at the Doctorate level some time in the future.  

P.S. For some more details about my course of study, click here to read an earlier post.

21 thoughts on “Doctor Mark!

  1. Congratulaions Mark and welcome back. Well done!!! 🙂
    Enjoy celebrating another wonderful achievement in your life.
    Happy 23rd wedding anniversary to you both 🙂

  2. Congratulation Mark, the gown and mortar board suit you! This is an outstanding achievement particularly when considering all the other responsibilities you carry. Thanks for your commitment to ongoing growth and development, we are so blessed to have you as our Senior Minister!

  3. That’s fantastic Mark. A very big congratulations on such a massive accomplishment after years of study. We as a church all benefit from your study and wisdom. May God bless your time away with Nicole and have a lovely time celebrating your anniversary. You deserve a time of refreshing!

  4. Our sincere congratulations on achieving a monumental goal. We are so proud of you! We’ve just got to get to say it at least once, “Congratulations! Dr. Mark”. 🙂
    Reiner & Shereen

  5. Hey Mark huge congrats – an amazing accomplishment.
    I’m almost at the end of my Masters so have some idea of the commitment, sacrifice & sweat!
    Well done … Dr Mark has a nice ring to it!

  6. Congratulations and well done Mark. Now we know exactly who to come to for answers to our hard theological questions! 🙂

  7. Congratulations and a very big THANKYOU for your dedication and sacrifice. I know we will all benefit from your years of hard work. Thanks also to your wonderful family for supporting and encouraging you.

  8. Congratulations Mark! Thank you for reminding me that continual educatino is imperative esp if in God’s service. Blessings, Kenneth

  9. WOW congrats Mark!! Trust what you’ve learned through your Doctor of Ministry degree will bless many not only City Life Church, but the city of Melbourne and beyond. Will keep you in prayers as you continue serving our awesome God!!

  10. Well done Mark! Congratulations on a very worthwhile achievement.
    Well done to you Nicole, for being the mainstay of support during all the study years.
    What a team!

  11. Congratulations Mark, a wonderful achievement. As you say yourself, there is a team that support you on a journey. Our church continues to benefit from your continued commitment to the Lord and teaching excellence. Leading a life of Daniel – there is nothing better than leading by example. As a church, we are truly blessed.

  12. As somebody who walk across stage in a gown and mortar just two months ago, a big congratulations Mark. Enjoy a little bit of freedom and beware the post study blues 🙂

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