LifeAnother day begins. What's in store? What could God be up to? What would it look like if we did life together with Him?

The apostle Paul once wrote …

Col.3:17. And whatever
you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him. NIV

What does it mean to do something ‘in the name of Jesus’?
Generally speaking, in the Bible a person’s name means to do it in his
character. So doing something in Jesus’ name means to do it in his character.
It means doing it as Jesus himself would do it if he were in your place.

What is most striking is the comprehensive nature of what
Paul says: “Whatever you do …” He then goes on to make it even clearer – “… in word or deed …” That about covers all of life! He then goes on to say, “…
do it all …” Paul is saying that our entire lives – from the moment we wake
up until the time we lay down to sleep – are to be lived out ‘in the name of
Jesus’. That is what discipleship is all about.

Some good reflection questions (from Dallas Willard):

* How can we start the day with God? It may be
taking a few moments to speak to God before you even get out of bed.

* How do we greet the people closest to us as we
start our day? What words do we use and tone do we choose to set?

* How do we drive “in Jesus’ name”?

* How do we approach our work or school?

* How do we approach the people we encounter
during our day?

* How do we shop?

* How do we eat?

* How do we approach our entertainment choices?

* How do we finish the day? With gratitude and
celebration. Review the day and learn from it.

* How do we do
in Jesus’ name?

* How can we make each moment an opportunity to
learn from Jesus how to live in the kingdom of God?

These are all very important questions!

What a difference it would make if we could live every moment of every day aware that God is with us and then live our life in the presence of and with the help of Jesus Christ.