To be highly effective in our work and to also enjoy life to the fullest we need to manage our energy, not just our time. Research reveals that energy, not time, is the most important component of personal effectiveness.

Let me give you an example: If you’re scheduled to have open heart surgery, obviously you’d want your doctor turning up on time. But what kind of mood would you want him or her in – angry, depressed, tired, nervous? Of course not! You’d want them to be awake, confident and fully engaged in what they’re about to do to you! You don’t just want their time … you want the best of their energy!

How’s is your energy level right now? Are you fully engaged in what you are doing each day? Or are you just ‘turning up’?

The key to being ‘fully engaged’ when we need to be is to ensure that we are managing our energy well. You do that by creating a balance between activity and rest in your life … of energy expenditure and energy renewal. If we’re giving out all the time without taking time to disengage and renew your energy, then you’re headed for an energy crisis.

Energy … Think about it. 

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