The majority of Australians believe in God – they have some sort of what we could call ‘faith.’ Genuine faith in God provides a strong foundation for many people’s lives – especially when everything else around us seems so uncertain.

Of course, real faith is more than just believing in something or someone.

Back in the 1800s there was a famous acrobat named Blondin. He became well known for crossing the Niagara Falls on a tightrope 335 metres long and 50 metres above the raging water. He astonished people by carrying a small table, chair and stove to the halfway point, where he cooked and then ate a meal.

At one point he pushed a wheelbarrow across the wire. He then turned to the crowd and asked if they believed he could carry someone across in the wheelbarrow. Everyone cheered. He then asked for a volunteer. The crowd went quiet.

Faith in God is not just belief or mental agreement. It is a willingness to get in the wheelbarrow and entrust our life into his hands.

Do you believe in God?

Faith … think about it. 

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