Images One of the things I really enjoy is learning new things or learning to do things I already know even better. The book of Proverbs tells us that an openness to new things and a passion for learning is a key to gaining wisdom for life. Today, there really is no excuse for not learning because there are so many ways to learn and grow. Personal growth can come from experience, mentors, or training. Another way is through reading. Through the minimal cost of a book, you gain the opportunity to glean on what is often a lifetime of learning from an expert in their field.

There are two series of books that are fun and educational to read. They have books on a wide variety of topics and they're very comprehensive. 

1. First, there is the DUMMIES range of books. Check out their web site for a full list of topics that they have books on. I just finished reading 'Quickbooks for Dummies.' I use the Quickbooks software program to help my dad manage his book business. I've been using it for years but I learned heaps of new thingsand time-saving tips through this book.

2. Then there are the IDIOTS guides. Their web site has a huge list of topics that have been written about. 

Come on … you might feel like a dummy or an idiot in a particular area of knowledge but you don't have to stay that way 🙂  


8 thoughts on “For Dummies and Idiots …

  1. I wonder where I can get a Dummy/Idiot book on using a Dummy/Idiot book….(PS. I think I am in real trouble….haha)…Hmmmm.

  2. Do they have an idiots guide to pastoring a church? I now of a few people I would love to send this to as a christmas gift… he he he

  3. Heh Heh Heh Peter… Are you volunteering to do the pastor’s job better?
    We never stop learning until the day we die 🙂

  4. Hi Mark,
    I am looking for strategies to maximise my learning and I think it was you that mentioned that you index the back of your books…before the ipad that is. I was wondering if you can expand what that looks like…

  5. Hi Robi.
    When deep reading a book, I underline key words or sentences, then at the end of each chapter I write out the key take away idease. At the end of the book, on a blank page, I list the best ideas from the book as well as any action items I think I should take.
    This helps me use a book to its fullest and later on when I refer to it I can quickly get the gist of it all.
    Hope that helps

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