AddictionHave you ever felt like you were addicted to something? Addiction is an abnormally strong craving for some thing or activity. It refers especially to things that control us that are not constructive or helpful.

Some well-known addictions include illicit drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and gambling. Other more ‘respectable’ addictions include: food addictions, television, computers (especially internet use), work, and even spending.

We live in a society where there is an epidemic of addictions taking place. Our world is filled with all sorts of cravings, appetites for mood changers, and a quick fix mentality that only feeds the likelihood of addictions. We are all vulnerable.

Finding freedom from addictions is not easy. However, it is possible.

  • Be determined to change. Considering the consequences of not changing can be a helpful motivator.
  • Pray and ask God to help you.
  • Reflect on why you do what you do. Willpower is not enough. Observe your thinking patterns and motivations.
  • Adopt a strategy for stopping. Your decision has to be turned into action. You have to change how you are living your life.
  • Open up to helpful people. Speak to a counsellor.
  • Turn your focus to alternative positive things.

Freedom from Addiction … Think about it.

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