I’ve been a Geelong Cats fan for many years now and this is the best season we’ve had for a long while. The Cats are clearly going to finish on top of the ladder and are a good chance for the Grand Final if they can keep playing like they have over their 14 game winning streak.

When I was young, I barracked for teams like Richmond (back in the Royce Hart days!) and Essendon. Back in the late 80s, when Nicole and I were leading our church youth group, we played a game against the Barrabool Baptist youth group and Gary Ablett Snr, who was attending that church at the time, came and had a kick. It was cool to meet him. I started following Geelong after that day.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Gary, believing that he has a good heart, even though he’s had some rough patches in his life due to some of the consequences of his choices. I hear he’s doing better now and it’s great to see his sons playing well for Geelong at the moment.

[Update: For a recent article on Gary, click here – November 27th, 2007]

Go Cats!!!

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  1. Dear Mark,
    Great to see you start a blog. I too, as a Geelong supporter, am excited about what is happening with the Cats. I started following Geelong when Gary Ablett Snr. was playing, and confessed his faith. I thought that it was great to see a Christian playing a sport as publicised as AFL. I was disappointed about the time when he got the bad publicity he got, but I still support him, and think that it is great that he is often shown at Geelong games, as a proud father who follows his sons’ football careers. I have no doubt that he wishes them the success of a premiership that he unfortunately, never achieved.I like too the fact that, for a man of his extraordinary ability, he seems to me to surprising humble, which is great to see. I remember, in particular, when he won the Norm Smith Medal for best on ground in the 1989 Grand Final, where he thanked God publicly, not as a publicity stunt, but sincerely.
    I am excited too with the possibility of winning a premiership, and am greatly enjoying our winning streak. Hope that we have an extra reason to smile (aside from being in God’s house and hearts)on the Saturday night and Sunday church services on Grand Final weekend.
    God bless and keep well,
    Dale Henderson from Citylife Church, Knox

  2. Hi Mark. GO CATS!!! 🙂 They sure ARE looking RE-E-EALLY good this season! How very exciting! What a great year for the cats! We have split loyalties in our family over footy teams, but CATS RULE! GO TEAM! My heart goes out to my son-in-law Harley, who has been a loyal Richmond supporter for many years. 🙁 My nephew Patrick on the other hand, is smiling from ear to ear because Geelong is his team too!!! We’ll be glued to the game during the finals…WATCHING every move! 😉 God bless you.
    Love in Christ, Marija

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