Cats Tonight the 2009 Australian Football League Season kicks off with a sold-out game at the MCG between traditional rivals the Richmond Tigers and the Carlton Blues. It's also former team-mates Ben Cousins vs Chris Judd.

The excitement amongst avid footy fans is building … while many others are wishing for a longer break 🙂

I'm more excited about tomorrow night's Grand Final re-match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Geelong Cats. The Cats should dominate … Jeff Kennett's recent comments will only add fuel to the fire.

I am predicting that Geelong will go all the way this year. No choking on the big day … like last year!


21 thoughts on “Go Cats!

  1. Go Magpies, its the pies time again to hold the cup. Geelong is actually one of the oldest clubs in Australian football having originated in …. . Its like there line up ready for the village.

  2. GO HAWKS!!!! 2009 PREMIER TEAM!!!!!!!! Soccer….what’s that? Oh yes, that’s the one where the feign injury (some of the best acting I’ve ever seen) and the games end with chairs being ripped up and bonfires started in the stands 🙂

  3. Jumpin In – yes, soccer can have it’s strange antics – but nothing like being with a group of Collingwood supporters at a game – I feared for my life! Go, Bayern Muenchen…. James will understand this – someone else with impeccable taste in REAL sport.

  4. Personally, I’ve always preferred table tennis and badminton! Now there’s some sports worth following.
    Go guys- and gals!!

  5. Nicole – Yes, I will give you that about Collingwood….I’m talking REAL footy….like the Hawks vs Geelong. Too bad I think our team will take a beating tonight….Cats are angry that the Hawks took the Cup right from their grip.
    Helen – Well what about underwater basket weaving…that’s right up there with table tennis and badminton 😉

  6. With all the hype and excitement leading up to last nights game, as a Richmond supporter I now feel a bit deflated with the Tigers 83 point loss. I’m sure Carlton fans feel totally elated. I don’t think it matters what sport you follow, I’m sure all supporters experience the same emotions. It just goes to show that we can not put our hope and trust in things (be that money, sport, people or possession). We can only put our trust in God who is the same today, tomorrow and forever.

  7. Well said Allister. My friend is a Richmond supporter too. But you know, one player (namely: Ben Cousins) does not a team make 🙂

  8. An interesting analysis from another Richmond supporter – Won’t tackle, can’t kick, can’t think, can’t handball competently and failed basic geometry. The shortest distance between the centre and the goal is a straight line yet Richmond invokes some sort of peculiar non-Euclidean geometry by insisting that we can kick goals and win matches by following convoluted paths to goal that involve 6 handballs sideways, 1 forward, short kick back and then a fumble to an opposition player.
    Richmond should be penalised if they handpass and bring in performance based pay i.e. if you lose you only get paid petrol money and the ticket price. The few times Cousins handled the ball at least he looked like he knew what he was doing and then did it.

  9. Aaah…footy season – reduces men to boys 🙂
    Personally, I prefer the sports of Beckham & Nadal but still, happy to barrack for whatever sports that helps to make the world a happier place for some *meow*

  10. Mark,
    While I don’t like the Cats at all I’m glad to see that you aren’t a Collingwood fan!!!
    Go the Hawks!

  11. Jumping In- yeh I tried that underwater basket weaving but is’s not all it’s cracked up to be- without my scuba gear- kind of cumbersome- the trivial need to come up for oxygen regularly, interfered with my form.
    However, all is not lost because the cooler months are here and the timeless, age-old sport of knitting is upon us- go all you fellow knitters- when all OZ’s woollen industries leave our shores, we’ll be the country’s most popular sport!
    Lincraft have all their new yarns out so rush out girls and guys- you can combine it with the rest of your family’s trips for their annual sporting gear.

  12. Helen….LOL yes, I can see how breathing would be a problem to form in that case. I have my yarn already….and a jumper I began many years ago. If only I could just finish it. I have to keep going back to the wool store for help all along the way. Perhaps I’ll put it out of the bag and finish it.

  13. Back to footy LOL … The flags are flying proud for the ‘Cat boys’ in Geelong Central City. Mark, you sure were spot on about the Cat’s win on Friday. Looking forward to a good season. GO CATS!!! 🙂

  14. Sorry to hear about the injury to one of the Cat’s top team members 🙁
    Praying for his quick recovery. Looking forward watching to the next match.
    GO CATS!!! 🙂

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