Strengths_goHave you thought about your strengths lately? Your strengths are the things that you are good at … and the things that make you feel strong.

It’s easy to get caught up in our weaknesses – the things that we don’t do well, the things that weaken or drain us. We often think that strengthen our weaknesses should be the focus of our time and energy. However, strengths consultant Marcus Buckingham says that “our greatest potential for growth and positive impact is in the area of your strengths.”

Take time to reflect on your own strengths … and weaknesses.

As you go through the week answer these questions as you go about your daily activities …

  • “I feel strong when …”
  • “I feel weak when …”

Why not play to your strengths more this week. Don’t allow non-invigorating activities to dominate your life. Have an open conversation with your boss or the people you work with about what you feel you do best and what you don’t feel very good at. Allow other people with strengths in the areas of your weakness to do those things. Focus on your best contribution.

Strengths … Think about it.

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