None of us like to talk about death. It is an enemy that steals away the ones we love. My step-mum, Rene Conner passed away recently. It’s been hard for all for all of us, but especially for my dad. I was walking through their home a few days back – so empty now. A flourishing garden, but no one to care for it now. I sketched the following poem after that.

Just like that
Gone for good
Not coming back
Life is over

Sobering and surreal
The frailty of life
In a moment
It is no more


What really matters?
What lasts?
What’s it all about?
What are we living for?

Left it all behind
Stuff and more stuff
Meaningless now
Of no use at all

The grief and the loss
The tears and the pain
Left behind
We still remain

A hole in the heart
A missing limb
Part of us gone
Never to return

Our life goes on
Each day a gift
No guaranteed future
Will tomorrow come?

Live to the full
Be in the moment
Give it your all
Only love lasts

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