Aussies What do non-Christian Aussies believe and how sceptical are they about Jesus? This was the focus of a recent survey and the results were quite surprising. Read the article here.

No doubt there are far more Australians who would be categorised as 'apathetic' towards spiritual things than there are those who would be 'antognostic'. This means that Aussies are probably far more open to discussion about spiritual things and about Jesus than we may realise.

4 thoughts on “How Sceptical are Aussies?

  1. That’s interesting Mark. Instead of saying that Aussies aren’t interested in Jesus, we should probably think more about how we are sharing Jesus with people. People with negative responses may be reacting against us Christians, or the church as an institution, not against Jesus!

  2. i saw and heard you last weekend in singapore. u were inspirational, enjoyable to listen too and easy to understand which made it a joy. the only thing i didnt like were the heavy metal band true worshippers they made me feel like walking out. they were so loud that i could feel the st james bible i was holdind vibrate and i was way at tha back with my fiancee.

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