4. Don’t walk alone. 

Joshua 1:2. “Cross this Jordan River, you and all the people.”

Joshua's journey was not a solitary journey. It was a community walking together. Joshua was moving forward with the elders, the leadership community, and all of Israel.

He challenged them to help each other (Joshua 1:12-15). They were to stick together. Unity was vital. Discord, division or dissent in the ranks would threaten their future. They were many tribes (diversity) – but ONE nation (unity).

In the same way, Jesus' church is ONE body with many members – different but united. “United we stand – divided we fall.” We face the same dangers today – disunity, internal fighting, and division. How we view the 'other' is vital. It's so easy to say, "Those young people …" or "Those old people …" or that ministry or that group. But them is us! It’s about WE not ME. It's about turning from competition to co-operation by honouring each other.

Leaders are to be in partnership together with others – supporting each other. Leadership can be lonely at times but no one is meant to walk alone. Adversity doesn’t destroy people but rather lack of encouragement. We all need “safe” people in our world who can ask us, “How are you … really?”

I am so thankful for my wife Nicole and our family, along with friends, team members and associates in ministry who are such a support and encouragement to me as a leader. They help provide perspective, insight, and wisdom in my journey. Even Jesus had 12 others who he did life and ministry with. When you have a TEAM, together everyone achieves more. 

Don't walk alone.

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