DecisionsGod does guide us. His will is good, pleasing and perfect. He wants us to find it and fulfill it. We need to adopt a proper attitude and perspective on God’s will for your life. Don’t be fatalistic, negative or frustrated. Don’t give up or get mystical. Learn to make wise decisions. Decisions determine destiny.

So, how does God lead his people? What is his navigation system? Let's look at a few components of how God guides us:

1. The Scriptures.

God’s Word contains God’s will. As we read and meditate on the Scriptures, we will begin to think like God thinks and act like he acts. No other means of guidance should contradict the inerrant Word of God. Nothing he calls you to do will contradict the Word. [See Ps.119:89, 105. Matt.4:4; 24:35. Jn.17:17] God’s word is compared to light and it leads us a step of a time on our journey. He gives us just enough light to make the next step.

Success was guaranteed for those who meditated upon and obeyed God’s commands and principles for life (see Josh.1:8. Ps.1. 2 Tim.3:16-17). God’s word contains principles for every area of our life. There are warnings to be heeded and characters to be studied. There are narratives (records of God’s works and ways), segments of wisdom literature, songs of praise and worship, prophetic messages, teaching and instruction (of Jesus and the early church leaders). God's people are often destroyed through lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Don't ignore God's instruction manual for life or just refer to it when things aren't working properly.

2. Circumstances.

Circumstances define the context of every decision. God can use circumstances to direct us, but never by themselves. Don’t let circumstances alone dictate your decision. It’s one way of guidance. You can’t be led by it alone.

Open doors are God-given opportunities for service … not always specific guidance from God requiring you to enter. Is there a fire in house? Move! have you lost your job? Look elsewhere.

What about "fleeces?" God allowed Gideon to do this because of his fear and lack of faith in what God had already told him.

God is in control and he will orchestrate circumstances to be a part of the guidance He gives us.

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