DecisionsA few final comments on guidance and the will of God …

God never guides by part of his navigation system alone, always by all of them. They are like lights that need lining up. God established the principle of 2 or 3 witnesses (see Deut.17:6. 2 Cor.13:1). Not one of these principles works alone.

This is the law of witness. You don’t violate God’s word to do his will. He knows how to confirm. Green lights and only one red one? Wait. Be still. Don’t be stupid.

The bigger the decision, the larger the risk, the more witnesses you need lined up. Take your time. Don’t be hasty.

Consider (1) what the Scriptures say, (2) observe what the circumstances are saying, (3) listen to the inner voice of the Spirit, (4) be open to supernatural guidance, (5) and use wisdom.

Most errors occur when you make too much of one of these principles. Overemphasis will kill you. There is not ONE key to knowing the whole will of God or making wise decisions. Make sure things are in agreement. Don’t move until they are.

Balanced guidance has both an objective and a subjective dimension. Those who are more logical thinkers need to open up to more special revelation and the guidance of the Spirit. Those who are more emotional feelers need to open up to more of God’s word and the gaining of wisdom.

Don't buy into a fatalistic view of God's will. Don't allow negativity or frustration to take a hold of your life. Keep in step with the Spirit and walk forward dependently yet boldly as you live out God's will for your life. You can do it!


3 thoughts on “How to Make Wise Decisions (Pt.6)

  1. Hi Mark,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thank you for such balanced and truth filled explanations. I especially appreciated the discussion on misconceptions about God’s will.
    I can’t wait for the next topic you have in mind. Would you be able to post something on the parable of ten talents or perhaps guide me to some good resources?
    Thanks, Mark

  2. I just happened to stumble upon your blog today and this series was absolutely perfect for what I needed to hear. Thanks!!
    I too found the misconceptions about God’s will very helpful, as well as the practical guide in making wise decisions.

  3. Thanks Alyson! Appreciate the feedback.
    Yes, I reworked some BLOG posts from a few years back and they posted all at once … rather than over the next week 🙂

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