Traffic lights Ideas usually cannot be imported without modification. The cultures and other aspects of leadership and management are different; therefore, that they fail without some modification shouldn't be surprising. Even adopting simple devices may cause problems.

For example, traffic signals were invented in England, although the version used today was developed in the United States. Despite their successful use elsewhere, when traffic signals were introduced to Ireland, the Irish were so outraged that they actually rioted.

Why? Because the red light was on top and the green light was on the bottom, and to the Irish, red is the color of Britain; green, Ireland. That red was placed over green infuriated many Irish people. The solution was to mount the traffic lights horizontally.

[Source: Drucker on Leadership by William A. Cohen]

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  1. Yes, I think Peter Drucker was one of the most insightful and seminal thinkers on management and organisational leadership in the 20th century. Interestingly, he had a strong Christian faith and worked with a lot of churches and non-profits in his latter years.

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