WebJohn Mark Ministries exists to serve church leaders, pastors, and ex-pastors who want to think maturely about their faith. This ministry was founded by Rowland Croucher and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Rowland’s web site has a wealth of interesting and helpful information on a wide variety of topics (including a large clean humour section!). It’s definitely worth checking out – just click here. Type any topic in the search box to the left of the web site and you’ll find more than enough good reading and references. Enjoy!

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  1. Great recommendation Mark. Rowland C’s devotional book “High Mountains Deep Valleys” is one I have turned to many times over the years when I have needed encouragement or comfort. He has such a down-to-earth way of looking at spiritual truths [hmmm…reminds me of another pastor we all know & love!].

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