WcaOne of the best leadership development events in the world is the annual the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Bill Hybels and his team always put together an amazing line up of speakers all with the specific focus of helping people develop their leadership gift.

A few weeks ago this years summit was held in Chicago with satellite connection to 110 sites in North America enabling 65,000 leaders to participate in this event ‘live’. Now through the Global Leadership Summit, another 83 sites around the world will experience much of the same event through delayed video presentations, resulting in around 100,000 leaders being impacted. That’s phenomenal!

Speakers at the 2007 summit included Bill Hybels, John Ortberg, Colin Powell, Carly Fiorina, Jimmy Carter and Marcus Buckingham.

Here in Australia the Global Leadership Summit will be held in a variety of cities during the month of October. Click here to register online today. Early bird registration rates are available up until September 7th, 2007.

I have learnt more about leadership from Bill Hybels than anyone else. I encourage you to invest in your own leadership development through attending this event. Whether you’re involved in church, business or community work, you’ll definitely benefit tremendously from this experience.

DVDs of previous leadership summits are also available online. These make a great resource for personal development and staff training.

For a brief outline of a few of this year’s topics and session content, see Dave Ferguson’s blog (posts on August 10-11th, 2007).

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  1. Thank you Mark. I agree. This is an excellent Leadership programme for leaders,
    or budding leaders to take a hold off. Very impacting. 🙂
    God bless you.
    Much love in Christ, Marija

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