What do you think of when you hear the word 'leader'? We all have different idea and perceptions of what a leader is and what they are supposed to do. Often this is based on our own upbringing, our environment, our personal experience and our learning.

Here are five leadership myths that need busting (by Michael A. Roberto in the course "Transformation Leadership"):

1. "Leaders are born, not made – some people come of of the womb ready to lead others."

2. "Leadership is the act of lone genius, often thought of as the person at the top of the organisation."

3. "Leaders must be charismatic extroverts in order to motivate and inspire others to get them to follow their vision."

4. "Leadership requires formal authority."

5. "All great leaders have a common set of traits."

In reality, none of these statements are true. Can you see why? 

Leadership can be defined most simply as 'influence'. In that sense, all of us are leaders in that we all influence someone in one way or another. The question is not whether we will be an influence but what kind of an influence we will be. 

Lead where you are … today. You can make a difference!