Bob Buford Leadership Network is an excellent ministry established by Bob Buford. It's mission is to: identify, connect and help high-capacity Christian leaders multiply their impact. They provide a wealth of resources for churches and leaders through their web site, publications, blogs and e-newsletters.

Recently Leadership Network conducted an extensive survey seeking to gain insights into the ministry roles of Senior Pastors of larger churches and of Executive Ministers.

Click here to read the Senior Pastor report and here for the Executive Minister report.

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6 thoughts on “Leadership Network Survey Results

  1. I read this stuff and feel, this stuff is way out of my league. Or maybe my world view (reading to much Frank Viola). It would appear to me that it’s not so much a good theological education but rather, business and human resource training.
    It would be interesting to see a similar report for successful small churches. What is the pastors breakdown of time etc.
    Whats your opinion Mark?

  2. There is a huge amount of information here and I suppose it can be used as a guide or comparison for CityLife Church’s progress or state of play in the whole scheme of spreading God’s Word and impacting God’s Kingdom. I imagine you would have done the survey, Mark. Do you agree with the findings?

  3. I thought the results were vey interesting. As churches get larger, there is naturally more structure and systems to organise, while still remembering that it’s all about people.
    As far as roles and priorities for senior church leaders, I think that Acts 6 has a lot to say to us. I wrote a post on this a while back called ‘The Role of the Senior Minsiter’. You can find it by typing that title into the Search box in the upper right hand side of the blog.

  4. Hi Mark, I went to your previous blog as suggested and was blessed by all the other posts that were there too. Climbing a tree is a really good one but I digress. It’s great to know you have a balanced view of most of the categories discussed in the survey. Keep climbing that tree and you will continue to steer us in the correct jungle. 🙂

  5. Yes Shereen. How right you are. We all need to continue climbimg the ‘Tree’ of Life.
    Mark, I have nothing but the greatest respect for you as a leader. Thank you for your
    godly wisdom and interesting discussions.
    May you continue to have a blessed & fruitful journey. Have a great day.

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