Road_winding_2Another aspect of Mission is Vision.

Vision answers the question, “Where?” Where are you going in the next period of time (3-5 years)? What is on the horizon and which way are you heading?

Leaders are called by God to communicate a preferred picture of the future that motivates people with passion to give their lives to make it a reality (see Prov.29:18 and Hab.2:1-3). Vision must be clear, specific and should lead us towards further fulfilling your mission.

Jesus had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish during his short ministry time on earth, as well as a long term vision of the future. This included the work of redemption (‘the joy set before him’), kingdom values, a leadership team, and a church in every nation (Acts 1:8).

At CityLife Church, after an extended time of prayer and discussion, we articulated a vision for the year 2010 back in 2002. We refer to it as our Vision 2010 Statement. It paints a picture of what our church could look like by the year 2010, by God’s grace and through our focused efforts. Our We Have a Dream statement achieves a similar thing.

There is also benefit in creating a personal vision statement – a picture of what you believe God wants your life to look like over the next few years.

Here is my Personal Vision Statement.

My vision is to create:

  1. A LIFE that portrays authentic discipleship to Jesus Christ.
  2. A FAMILY that experiences genuine love.
  3. A MINISTRY characterised by wisdom and the power of the Spirit.
  4. A CHURCH that models effective evangelism, discipleship, community, and ministry.
  5. A MOVEMENT of like-minded church congregations that impact their local communities.
  6. A variety of RESOURCES and learning experiences that draw people closer to God and that inspire and equip them to maximise their potential for the benefit of God’s kingdom.

What is your vision? What do you see in your future? Begin writing out what you see.

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