EagleDuring my sabbatical last year, I saw an eagle on at least five different occasions. The first time was a huge wedge-tailed eagle that flew near the tree tops not far from our house while we were on a walk. The others I saw while travelling in various places. Eagles are so beautiful and majestic to watch, flying in an almost effortless fashion. 

To me the eagle represents God calling me to a higher life, resting in him, soaring on the wings of the Spirit, seeing life from his perspective, and riding far above the winds of adversity.  

What are some other lessons we can learn from the eagle?

1. As we wait on the Lord, we can exchange our weakness for his strength (Is.40:31). Be still and know that I am God. Let God's Spirit be the wind beneath your wings. Stop striving and struggling, flapping your wings in panic or self-effort. Let go and let God. 

2. We can soar above every wind of adversity and through any storm that comes against you. Spread your wings and take flight. 

3. God will carry us to a place of safety on eagles wings (Ex.19:4).

4. Eagles build their nests in tall trees or on high cliffs (Job 39:27). Come up higher. Get above the clutter and din of this old world. See things from God's perspective. Live with wisdom and insight. 

5. Eagles have incredible eyesight to see accurately from great distances. We have been called to have this breadth of prophetic perspective and depth of insight. 

6. God stirs our nest in order to teach us to fly (Deut.32:11). Is he moving you out of my comfort zone at this time?

There are four things that are amazing and hard to understand, one of which is an eagle gliding through the sky (Prov.30:18-19).