Every human being has desires on the inside of them – longings for acceptance, for approval, for a sense of identity, for a sense of belonging, for significance and for a sense of purpose in life.

Where do these longings come from? Are they merely a “wish projection” or could they indicate that there is something outside of ourselves that we were created for … just like the presence of thirst indicates that there is something called water?

History shows us that we will do anything to try to fulfill these desires on the inside of us.

One man tried everything and summarized his experience in a prayer, “O God, our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.” His name is St Augustine.

Could it be that there is a God who is not only our Creator but who also longs to be our Father too? A God who desires for us to be his child?

I pray that God will fill your heart with his love today … helping you to find the acceptance, the security, the significance and the purpose you long for … in Him.

Longings … think about it. 

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