Wedding Rings This weekend, Nicole and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Nicole and I met in Rockhampton, Queensland in December 1984. My good friend, Peter Leigh, and I were travelling to Townsville on holidays and stopped by to visit some friends we knew from a small church there. On the weekend, we went four wheel driving with some of the young people, including Nicole. We had lots of fun and a huge mud fight!

Nicole moved to Melbourne a few months later and we began going out the next week. We were engaged 10 months later and married 6 months after that, on June 21st, 1986.

We are very happily married and enjoying our friendship more than ever.

Over the next few days, I'll share a few keys that I think can help to build a great marriage …

Part 2

One thought on “Love for a Lifetime – Building a Great Marriage (Pt.1)

  1. Hi Mark and Nicole
    A very happy wedding anniversary to you both. May God bless you both abundantly as you remember your very special day together.
    We look forward to reading your future blogs on keys to building a great marriage.

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