Margin‘Margin’ – every book has one. Margin is the space between the words and the edge of the page. It helps the book breath a little.

Unfortunately, most of us live our lives without any margin. It’s a modern day problem: margin-less living. We fill our lives to capacity. There’s no space, no room to move. We’re stressed and overloaded. Our limits are being challenged. Margin has been lost … and if something unforeseen happens, suddenly we’re over the edge.

Limits aren‘t the enemy … overload is. What we need is a re-establishment of margin in our lives. Author and Doctor Richard Swenson defines ‘margin’ as ‘the space between our load and our limits’. It is the gap between rest and exhaustion.

Overload just happens. Margin requires great effort. It doesn’t just happen. We naturally tend to drift away from margin not towards it.

Healthy living requires margin in four areas: emotional energy, physical energy, time, and finances. Create a life with margin … beginning today.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” [Ghandi]

“Westerners have all the watches but we have all the time.” [African man]

Margin … Think about it.

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