Mark Portrait 16By the time you read this, I will have started my 12 week sabbatical.

During this time, I will be doing a bit of a technology detox – so no work email, Facebook, Twitter or BLOG activity. Yes, I'm expecting severe withdrawal pains!

During this time my BLOG will have a variety of posts which I have written ahead of time that will post every few days. However, the Comments section will be closed, as I won't be checking my BLOG. There will be plenty of content to enjoy.

Happy reading!

Mark Conner

One thought on “Mark Conner’s BLOG update

  1. Thank you Mark for your blogs. Especially the variety of topics you cover. I so look forward to them daily and am so disappointed when there is nothing new there. I especially love your courage and boldness in discussing issues that are so often never addressed. Enjoy your sabbatical, may you be refreshed in every way. Thank you for leaving us with blogs you have pre-prepared.
    With much love and appreciation,
    Pearl (Qld)

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