I love our city of Melbourne, recent winner (again!) of the world's most livable city

Recently, the Herald Sun newspaper published a list of 50 things you will never hear a Melbournian say. Here are my favourite 10 from the list: 

1. I might have instant coffee today. It all sort of tastes the same anyway.

2. I'd better get to the platform two minutes ahead of time just in case the train is early.

3. It's sunny this morning. No need for the umbrella.

4. None of my friends would ever buy clothes from an op shop.

5. Just going for a swim in the Yarra.

6. Excellent run on the Monash this morning.

7. I'm only 5 minutes over. The parking inspector won't mind.

8. I'm proud to barrack for two AFL teams.

9. I've seen better restaurants in Sydney.

10. Stealing hard rubbish is illegal, and rightly so.

Of course, only Melbournians would understand 🙂