Have you ever been to a really bad movie? I’m sure you have. Did you go see it again? Of course not! Did you buy the DVD? Come on … Why would you watch through something you didn’t like all over again! That would be silly.

But in reality that’s something we all do from time to time. Have you ever done something you regretted? Have you ever had someone really hurt you? Did you find yourself replaying it over and over again in your mind? Some people even replay it in high definition … in surround sound … and even in slow motion! In doing so, they relive all of the negative emotions and bring the hurtful situation to life all over again.

Don’t do that. Don’t live in the past. Don’t replay things that you regret or things that were hurtful. Forgive yourself and forgive others … then move on. Don’t live in the past. Don’t relive the pain. You can let go. Yes, it was bad. Yes, it was wrong … but you don’t have to replay it over and over again. Focus on today … and what’s coming in the future.

Move on – think about it.

5 thoughts on “Move On

  1. It’s scary how addictive it can be to continue in anger towards someone who has hurt us. It drains our emotions, distracts us from anything positive and eats away at our rational thought. Even more scary than all that is the affect it has spiritually. I recently read (and have re-read) an excellent book by John Arnott called Forgiveness (older prints are titled The Importance of Forgiveness). It’s the best $22 I have ever spent. It’s 58 pages of heart-thumping truths that both confronted me and challenged me. There is definitely freedom from being hurt or offended by someone…but sometimes it can take a bit of work. Work that is well and truly worth it, because NOTHING good comes from holding on to it.

  2. yes but you also can’t ask someone who has been through a lot and been abused to just “move on” when there is a lot of pain to get over. it’s not about reliving it it’s about time taken to heal. I know as i was abused and was constantly told by people to move on when i was too hurt and just couldnt gather the strength to do so.

  3. Hi Lilian. Thanks for your comment.
    I agree. It is not that easy to move on from something as incredibly hurtful as abuse. It can take a lot of time and often requires the help and support of others. Apologies if my post sounded a bit overly simplistic. My intention was to share a general principle in life.
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas.

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