ChowYes, cooking is a bit of a hobby for me now. I find it really enjoyable and it's a great way to unwind after a busy day of work or ministry. Plus, it is a big help to my wife, Nicole, who has been doing most of the cooking for our 25 years of married life! 

Here are another 5 recipes that I really like:

1. We love Japanese food. Why not start with some miso soup and a cabbage salad, then finish with some fresh sashimi.  

2. Be sure to try some chicken quesadillas. Great Mexican food!  

3. I love seafood chowder and this is a simple recipe for it (picture above). Vary the amount of cream you include to alter how creamy it is. Go for good quality fresh seafood.

4. Vegetarian dishes can taste great too. Check out parsnip fritters with honey and mustard dressing (delicious!) or a tasty mushroom pie.

5. For dessert, my favourites are chocolate ripple cake, eton mess, or the ever-popular pavlova.


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